Gig-A-Bull Ltd. Guitar & Bass Tuition in Cambridge

Professional instrument tuition from beginner to diploma.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele & Cajon

Tuition at its best.

Practical instrumental tuition for learning songs playing in bands, performing gigs and gaining qualifications.

RockSchool- RGT- Trinity- ‘GCSE’ & 'A' level exam preparation available.

Gig-A-Bull is a Ltd Co. No 6373939


Bass GUitar (Graded)

We teach the RSL RockSchool graded Syllabus from Debut up to Grade eight and Diploma. You will learn up to six pieces per grade in a variety of popular styles. These are performed to a high quality backing track for the exam. Many students opt to use these tracks for the performance module of their "GCSE" and "A" level exams. Grades also accumulate "UCAS" points from Grade Six onward and can help with University application. Ear training, musicianship skills and theory are required elements of the syllabus, which we will teach you. Grades lay a solid foundation for any musician and many students use these as a supplement to following our ungraded course. 

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Bass Guitar (Ungraded)

Grades are not the only path! We can also teach you Bass lines to favourite pop songs and rock classics so that you can play along with the original track. Bass players are often called upon to "comp" or make up a Bass line on the spot based on the chord progression that the other band members are playing. We will teach you this invaluable skill. We also teach you to read Tablature or Music and will work to develop your ability to hear your way through a piece of music. We can teach four string bass, five string bass, fretted or fretless bass and bass Ukulele. When you have acquired enough skills we will offer to put you in a Band with other students of a similar ability. 

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