Gig-A-Bull Ltd. Guitar & Bass Tuition in Cambridge

Professional instrument tuition from beginner to diploma.

Guitar, Bass & Ukulele.

Tuition at its best.

Practical instrumental tuition for learning songs playing in bands, performing gigs and gaining qualifications.

RockSchool- RGT- Trinity- ‘GCSE’ & 'A' level exam preparation available.

Gig-A-Bull is a Ltd Co. No 6373939

Students playing a Gigabull Gig in Cambridge. 

Students playing a Gigabull Gig in Cambridge. 

Electric Guitar (Graded).

We teach syllabus content and organise exams for RockSchool (RSL) grades in Cambridge. These cover carefully graded pieces specially composed to cover the techniques applicable to any given level of development. The peices are frequently used for 'GCSE' and 'A' level performance exams. The syllabus encompases Reading of TAB, Ear Training, Musicianship, Repertoire and Improvisation. We also use the HotRock Syllabus which is built on edited pop and Rock Classics. Pupils do not have to read music but we do encourage and teach the mastering  of this skill. 

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Electric Guitar (un-Graded) 

Some students never do grades and simply want to play. No problem! We've got you covered. We will, however, always push you to be better than your former self. We will teach you the chords, riffs, and solos to songs you know and love. You will learn to improvise, develop your technique and acquire the skills to play with other musicians. Mastery of the fingerboard and an understanding of harmony whether it be through traditional interval based formula or the popular CAGED system may also be beneficial. Reading music is never mandatory but always beneficial. We can teach you this too. 

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