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Kids- 'Ukulele to Guitar'.

The size of a Ukulele is more proportional for the younger player.

The size of a Ukulele is more proportional for the younger player.

We have a program for small children. This is centred around establishing strong musical foundations and forging a repertoire of skills easily transferable to Guitar.

When your child is better physically equipped for the demands of a larger instrument we will teach them how to transfer the skills to Guitar. 

Over reaching, over-stretching and generally contorting the body to fit an instrument that is too large, can lead to long term postural complications or R.S.I. Even a 3/4 size Guitar is likely to prove problematic for a the average eight year old. The instruments that will fit your child vary from person to person, but the range of inexpensive and highly portable Ukulele available today make this a great choice for children who wish to play the Guitar, but are a little too small.

The ideal age for transferring to Guitar is around nine or ten. 

  • Transferable Skills

The Ukulele is the same as the mid section of the Guitar, but minus two strings: If you put a capo in the fifth fret of a Guitar and chop off the two bass strings, then you have in essence a Ukulele. Anything played in that section of the neck will be transferable to the Guitar. 

Or to put it in more complicated musical terminology (terrifying for the layperson), the Ukulele is like a four string Guitar playing a fourth higher with re-entry tuning.    

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