Gig-A-Bull Ltd. Guitar & Bass Tuition in Cambridge

Professional instrument tuition from beginner to diploma.

Guitar, Bass & Ukulele.

Tuition at its best.

Practical instrumental tuition for learning songs playing in bands, performing gigs and gaining qualifications.

RockSchool- RGT- Trinity- ‘GCSE’ & 'A' level exam preparation available.

Gig-A-Bull is a Ltd Co. No 6373939

Group Tuition for Bands and Ensembles 

We will:

  1. Teach you to play the parts.
  2. Coordinate repertoire with other students. 
  3. Rehearse you in sectionals.
  4. Encourage ongoing rehearsals of your own initiative.
  5. Organise professional full band masterclasses.  
  6. Arrange gigs and concerts for Gigabull students bands. 
  7. Facilitate life long learning in music.


Playing with other musicians is one of the most rewarding aspects of music making, but can be elusive and frustrating for many aspiring players. 

We take the pain and mystery out of the process by ensuring that when we put you together with other players, you already have the skills and repertoire to make that rehearsal a success. Group tuition is a supplement to ongoing private tuition. The secret to successful group tuition is that everyone in the group should know what it is they are doing before they turn up for a rehearsal. The rehearsal is the time you coordinate yours skills and communicate musically (nobody wants to be hanging around while the rhythm guitarist learns the chords). Therefore group tuition is offered to students who have attained a level of skill, acquired a functional repertoire and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing improvement. 

Masterclass with Chris Wong from the Toya Wilcox Band. 

Masterclass with Chris Wong from the Toya Wilcox Band. 


Open Masterclasses. 


Does your existing Band need a Masterclass? Step up to the next level. Masterclasses are also available for pre-established bands. 

Perhaps you are not Gigabull students but have a band that already has already learnt a set list,  we can arrange Masterclasses for your band (subject to availability). Using seasoned professionals and Musical Directors we can take your act to the next level. 


Contact us today giving the band line up and genre or set list.