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Cajon- Drum Box


Drum Kit in a box- Cajon

Have you ever thought that you would like to learn the Drums without splashing out on a full Drum Kit, dominating the living room, getting evicted by the neighbours and then having to buy a Van to transport it all somewhere else? Where to good Drummers come from, given the impracticality of learning the instrument?

The Cajon is the perfect instrument for learning all the essential skills. It sounds great, is not too loud, its very portable, perfect for small gigs and above all, the Cajon is just bags of fun!

We often see very small Children who are too small to form chords or even produce single notes on a Ukulele. The Cajon is the perfect start to their musical education. It allows for the development of a raft of transferable skills:

  • Beat Placing

  • Subdivision

  • Counting

  • Syncopation

  • Dynamics

  • Rhythm reading

  • Ensemble Skills

A skill for life

No matter what age you start the Cajon, you are never going to outgrow it. Originating in Peru the Cajon was introduced to the music of Spain by the late virtuosi Flamenco Guitarist Paco de Lucía, it is now extremely popular and can be found as the main or accompanying percussion instrument in an array of popular bands spanning many musical genre. The Cajon perfectly compliments the Ukulele Groups we coach, adds the finishing touches to acoustic Guitar based line ups and brings a depth of colour in a more traditional Rock band type line up. The skills it develops will enhance your understanding of any instrument. As the song says, ‘it don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing’.


nino Slap Top Girl .jpg

Slaptop Cajon

The perfect instrument for very young children where wearing of a skirt or kilt could make tuition impractical. Slaptop Cajon can be played while seated in a chair or whilst seated on the floor with the instrument tabs over the thigh. Slaptop Cajon is suitable for both open hand and brush techniques. It has the added advantage of requiring less advanced body mechanics and is thus less strenuous on the back. These develop the same skills as a regular Cajon and sound the same. They are available in different sizes for small people and grown ups alike.